Project Management

Managing home projects is the #1 headache for homeowners so allow Atlas shoulder the burden
Our service in this area is worth its weight in gold. Whether a kitchen remodel, new deck, major renovation, or a full custom-build of a new home: we manage the process, calendar, relationships, pricing, and other key nuances from a local position of industry expertise. Consider a few scenarios and how they might equate to time and money:

. Who should I select as my builder/contractor, architect, or designer and why?
. What are reasonable fees or fee structures in this area?
. Will bids or quotes be apples-to-apples?
. How will I verify everything I am told?
. Will I have time to research the countless elements of this process in order to make informed decisions at each juncture?
. How will I manage the details and calendar of the project remotely?
. Who will keep pressure on the key parties to ensure efficiency and accountability?
. My construction experience is limited; will I see key implications in drawings, budgets, contracts, and change-orders?
. I am busy with life, will I have time to be the sole contact for every detail throughout the project?

Let our local, industry expertise become your advocate.

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